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I write / shoot pieces about tech, development, social & political issues, entrepreneurship, arts & culture, and travel. A veritable smorgasbord of news. Contact me at

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Xinjiang unrest e1496175178370 article

China created a new terrorist threat by repressing secessionist fervor in its western frontier

In the early hours of New Year’s Day in 2017, a heavily armed gunman stormed Reina, an exclusive Istanbul nightclub on the Bosphorus coast, murdering 39. ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre, but the Turkish deputy prime minister swiftly made an incendiary claim: the perpetrators, he said, were “probably” Uyghur.

Razorbladepic article
The Guardian

Struggle and freedom: the Vietnamese archive that celebrates a secret LGBT culture

For six years Dinh Nhung has been collecting the memories of a community, derided by colonialists and communists, and only now coming out of the shadows.

Quartz header pic article

Who would want to build a tech startup in occupied territory? Meet the optimists of Palestine

“I think starting a business here is in itself a political act,” says Christina Ganim.
In 2015, Ganim co-founded the Ramallah-based lingerie company, Kenz Woman, with Nicola Isabel. “We could both be in the States or anywhere else doing this, but we chose to do it here, because we want to contribute.”

1*n6cxocsasq2i4o9ptlej8a article

$75 to Walk Again: Tackling Asia’s Prosthetics Crisis

Of the 260 million cluster bombs dropped on Laos’s three million people, nearly a third failed to explode. Four decades later, most lay where they fell, claiming hundreds of lives and limbs each year in a country where the GDP per capita is just USD $1,660 — a fraction of the cost of Western-made prostheses.

Syria football article
The Guardian

More goals than fans: Syria's uphill struggle to rally nation behind football team

As Syrian national football team focuses on qualifying for 2018 World Cup, captain says playing for country means ‘hoping it will get back to the way it was’

Flower 8 article

A Bold Beauty: Rising Star Neak Sophal’s Flower-Infused Photography

In a new exhibition at Java Arts, conceptual photographer Neak Sophal challenges conceptions of femininity and conventional beauty.

0*hilvrnqxlfrvzf d article

These Indonesian Women Are Part of the Design Team for Their Own Development Tech

At a tech fair in Lembata, a volcano-sprinkled island near the eastern tip of Flores, Indonesia, 62-year-old subsistence farmer Daprosa and her friends Maria (54 years old) and Yuliana (also 54 years old) are checking out a water filter.

Diamond island funfair article

Davy Chou on his Award-Winning Film, Diamond Island

Director Davy Chou brings his critically acclaimed feature film Diamond Island to META HOUSE for a special screening and Q&A.

Mayda2 article

Don’t Miss: Mayda Miller @ The Jazz Club

Mayda Miller’s background isn’t the most obvious for an up and coming R&B star. Korean by birth but American by adoption, she grew up in “very white, very not funky” Minnesota, dividing her time between classical piano and playing on tractors with cousins in Virginia.

Arai 3 article

Don’t Miss: A Bend in the River

Acclaimed choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro returns to Phnom Penh with a gorgeous and poignant re-imagining of a classic Khmer folk tale.

Sreynuck article

People in the City: Lives Behind Closed Doors in the Capital

A new exhibition of photographs by Astrid Schulz is now showing at META HOUSE, painting a poignant picture of private lives in Phnom Penh.

Un human rights commissioner article

Duterte Must Face Murder Investigation, Says Human Rights Chief

The Filipino President must be investigated over boasts that he killed at least three people, says the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Plane window 300x225 article

How to build a £multi-million global business from scratch

“Don’t be afraid just because you’re a one man band in an office,” says Lara Morgan, the entrepreneur (and force of nature) who started her hotel supplies business with no funding and sold it for £20m. “Actually, that’s bollocks. Let’s be honest: your bedroom.”

Phnom penh moto article

UN Human Rights Watchdog to Remain in Cambodia

The Cambodian government has backtracked on threats to force the UN Human Rights agency out of the country, agreeing to renew its existing agreement for a further two years.

6233811041 a8f3d4c489 b article

Phnom Penh’s Best Street Food

Compared to neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodian street food gets a bad rap. But look beyond the identikit fried chicken stands and those cockles left out in the sun all day, and you can find some delicious gems at a fraction of restaurant prices.